Hailley Howard

‘Post tequila’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Hailley Howard / Stylist: Veronica Jackson / Model: Maria Margarita
Post tequila: 1/5
Post tequila: 2/5
Post tequila: 3/5
Post tequila: 4/5
Post tequila: 5/5

Hailley Howard ‘Post tequila’

With the recent launch of her vintage store, stylist Veronica Jackson & her very talented photographer friend, Hailley Howard have been collaborating frequently. ‘Post tequila’ is one of their latest vintage inspired series starring the beautiful Maria Margarita.

“The ladies came over, we drank some tequila & we roamed the streets of Laguna Beach, reminiscing of the good ole days, when Timothy Leary & his acid washed the streets of this iconic artist community.”



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