Isabella Dias

‘Pray to the stars’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Isabella Dias / Model: Júlia Takanashi / Assistant: Leandro França
Pray to the stars: 1/8
Pray to the stars: 2/8
Pray to the stars: 3/8
Pray to the stars: 4/8
Pray to the stars: 5/8
Pray to the stars: 6/8
Pray to the stars: 7/8
Pray to the stars: 8/8

Isabella Dias ‘Pray to the stars’

‘Pray to the stars’ found its way to us via Isabella Dias, 17 year old photographer & writer based in belém, brazil.

“This shoot took place on the condominium that I live in, & it was the first tine I met & photographed Júlia. I live in Belém, Brazil which is a very rainy city (it rains everyday, really). So, every time I want to photograph outside I must pray to the stars to be able to do it. However, on this shoot the stars didn’t listen to me, & it rained so much that we got wet & I got very sick. Leandro was holding an umbrella & the pink lights while I was trying to not wet my camera, & they were all laughing while I was screaming “wow these photos look great”.



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