Shan Rose

‘Pretty fly’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Shan Rose / Model: Caitlyn Ryan / Model Management: Priscillas Model Management / Stylist: karao / Make-up Artist: Lauren Sina Hoddinott / Hair: Jayde cowan
Pretty fly: 1/10
Pretty fly: 2/10
Pretty fly: 3/10
Pretty fly: 4/10
Pretty fly: 5/10
Pretty fly: 6/10
Pretty fly: 7/10
Pretty fly: 8/10
Pretty fly: 9/10
Pretty fly: 10/10

Shan Rose ‘Pretty fly’

Sydney photographer, Shan Rose, aka GET ROSY, presents her gorgeous debut series featuring Karameleon’s ‘Not so Winter’ Collection.

“It’s based on this ‘pretty fly’ girl that’s too cool for school. She skates, listens to rock & roll & cruises round her beachy town in petal pushers!!! Shot in the streets of Bondi, Caitlyn Ryan channels 90’s Mandy Moore, with make up by Lauren Sina.”



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