Oliver Lang

‘Prime time’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Oliver Lang / Model: Laura Gwyneth Butler
Prime time: 1/10
Prime time: 2/10
Prime time: 3/10
Prime time: 4/10
Prime time: 5/10
Prime time: 6/10
Prime time: 7/10
Prime time: 8/10
Prime time: 9/10
Prime time: 10/10

Oliver Lang ‘Prime time’

Ever stopped yourself from doing something because you felt your equipment wasn’t good enough? Meet Olly. Born & raised in Australia, now based in London, Olly has been shooting amazing poeple that he meets via his social channels with his I-phone since 2008. He now consults & teaches mobile photography at the TATE, Science Museum & V&A Museum.

We have a few shoots sitting here waiting to go up. For now, here is ‘Prime time’ starring Laura Butler. LOVE!




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