Prom queen –

Marisa Taschke

‘Prom queen’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

14 photographs.
Photographer: Marisa Taschke / Model: Lisa Stella / Stylist: Marisa Taschke
Prom queen: 1/14
Prom queen: 2/14
Prom queen: 3/14
Prom queen: 4/14
Prom queen: 5/14
Prom queen: 6/14
Prom queen: 7/14
Prom queen: 8/14
Prom queen: 9/14
Prom queen: 10/14
Prom queen: 11/14
Prom queen: 12/14
Prom queen: 13/14
Prom queen: 14/14

Marisa Taschke ‘Prom queen’

My incredibly talented friend/business partner, Marisa Taschke met her latest muse, Lisa Stella, in Brisbane for a gorilla style fashion story. I am so obsessed with the result that I have had to split it into two posts. This is the first one 🙂

Brands featured; Beginning Boutique, The Ragged Priest, Vans, Petals & Peacocks, Double Rainbouu, Crap Eyewear, Vintage.



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