Amelie Labonte

‘Provocative minds’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

Shoot of the week
8 photographs.
Photographer: Amelie Labonte / Assistant: Kym Fontaine / Hair: Letizia Slaayer / Stylist: Giuliana Contavalli / Assistant: Diane Kim / Model: Alexandre Tucker
Provocative minds: 1/8
Provocative minds: 2/8
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Amelie Labonte ‘Provocative minds’

Amelie Labonte where have you been??? Fresh out of Montreal, this is easily one of my favourite features to date! Shot in China Town, here is ‘Provocative minds’ starring Dulcedo beauties, Alexandre Tucker & Étienne.

“This shoot is all about their attitude & the energy they exchanged between each other. For the rest, I only chose a place that was worthy, worthy of their provocative minds.”

Featured brands: Frank & Oak & White Walls.

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