Sofia Beaudoin-Côté

‘Pure love’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Photographer: Sofia Beaudoin-Côté / Art director: Sofia Beaudoin-Côté / Art director: Janis / Model: Janis / Model: Yannick Agboton
Pure love: 1/15
Pure love: 2/15
Pure love: 3/15
Pure love: 4/15
Pure love: 5/15
Pure love: 6/15
Pure love: 7/15
Pure love: 8/15
Pure love: 9/15
Pure love: 10/15
Pure love: 11/15
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Pure love: 14/15
Pure love: 15/15

Sofia Beaudoin-Côté ‘Pure love’

Montreal based artist Sofia Beaudoin-Côté brings us new work about possibly the most addictive drug of them all – love.

“It’s the perfect mixture of pain & pleasure. A taste of it hits so hard, you can’t eat, breathe or sleep for days. As if your body forgot how to function without it. You become physically drained & mentally gone & the only remedy is more. You need more. Always more. More of them, their touch, their smell, their lips, their hold. You’re addicted & you can’t escape.”

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