Isabella Dias

‘Purple hearts’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Isabella Dias / Model: Ingrid Velasco / Model: Alexandra Dutra / Assistant: Giulia Procopio
Purple hearts: 1/10
Purple hearts: 2/10
Purple hearts: 3/10
Purple hearts: 4/10
Purple hearts: 5/10
Purple hearts: 6/10
Purple hearts: 7/10
Purple hearts: 8/10
Purple hearts: 9/10
Purple hearts: 10/10

Isabella Dias ‘Purple hearts’

17 year old Brazil photographer & writer, Isabella Dias recently stumbled across a tennis court with a fresh purple paint job!

“I almost couldn’t believe my eyes, it looked so beautiful & it perfectly fit the flowers that were next to it. I asked Ingrid & Alexandra to be my models because they are so different from each other & their personalities are so vibrant! Shoots on tennis courts are very common, so I promised myself that I would only do one if the court was purple or pink!”



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