Lysandra Gusmão

‘Purple Rain’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

14 photographs.
Photographer: Lysandra Gusmão / Model: Tayza lima
Purple Rain: 1/14
Purple Rain: 2/14
Purple Rain: 3/14
Purple Rain: 4/14
Purple Rain: 5/14
Purple Rain: 6/14
Purple Rain: 7/14
Purple Rain: 8/14
Purple Rain: 9/14
Purple Rain: 10/14
Purple Rain: 11/14
Purple Rain: 12/14
Purple Rain: 13/14
Purple Rain: 14/14

Lysandra Gusmão ‘Purple Rain’

‘Purple Rain’ is our debut feature from Brasília bb’s, Lysandra Gusmão & Tayza lima.

“Our partnership began with the celebration of our empowerment. Tayza is a model, in love with the art & photography (in every department). The empowerment of the black woman has helped her to accept her identity, & this photoshoot celebrates the discovery of her new world.”



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