Quench: 1/11 Quench: 1/11
Quench: 2/11 Quench: 2/11
Quench: 3/11 Quench: 3/11
Quench: 4/11 Quench: 4/11
Quench: 5/11 Quench: 5/11
Quench: 6/11 Quench: 6/11
Quench: 7/11 Quench: 7/11
Quench: 8/11 Quench: 8/11
Quench: 9/11 Quench: 9/11
Quench: 10/11 Quench: 10/11
Quench: 11/11 Quench: 11/11

Adam Lloyd ‘Quench’

Such a fun shoot from Adam Loyd for a Friday night. Actually, upon further investigation its now 1am here in Australia, so technically its Saturday… the perfect warm up for sexy Saturday too! admittedly I’m sobering up right now. You can say I quenched my thirst earlier this evening, starting with a Friday afternoon vodka with my incredible new intern. His name is Troy & I knew he was the one when he said “The worlds gonna Jizz & shit at the same time”. Sebastien won me over 7 years ago in a very similar manner 🙂



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