‘Question everything’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

18 photographs.
Production: WhateverNBD / Photographer: Jacquie Ray / Stylist: Kelsey Rubenstein / Model: Melissa Hurtado / Model: Adela Pagan / Model: Ness Perry
Question everything: 1/18
Question everything: 2/18
Question everything: 3/18
Question everything: 4/18
Question everything: 5/18
Question everything: 6/18
Question everything: 7/18
Question everything: 8/18
Question everything: 9/18
Question everything: 10/18
Question everything: 11/18
Question everything: 12/18
Question everything: 13/18
Question everything: 14/18
Question everything: 15/18
Question everything: 16/18
Question everything: 17/18
Question everything: 18/18

WhateverNBD ‘Question everything’

WhateverNBD release their rad AF Spring 17 Look book shot by LA film photographer, Jacquie Ray.

“The mainstream media & huge corporations have decided to target the young, liberal movement & universal “woke-ness” as their new demographic. Coming out with advertising & product lines designed/catered towards rebellion, progressive thinking & values: using advertising & social media to let us know they TRULY care about women’s rights, queer, POC, trans, gay rights, all body types etc. by careful, cold & calculated decisions– exploiting young visionaries & liberal beliefs by using people as pawns so only a few can gain capital & prosper. You see a company seemingly connected to your values so you buy the shirt, meanwhile these companies give that money to build walls, pipelines, keep women & children slaving away for cents a day & fire people for their sexual orientation, or God forbid pregnancy.

“Question Everything” is the theme for my spring collection, because people have really fucked up motives for the things that they do sometimes, & we should be thinking long & hard & not following blindly. Trust in nature, in yourself, hold your values at the front. Stand by them. It’s a mad mad world out there, it’s a gamble. The things that make me feel best are connecting with other human beings and nature, so this is for anyone who can relate.”



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