Rose Catherine Hohl

‘Rainbow in the dark’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Rose Catherine Hohl / Model: Nastashia Young
Rainbow in the dark: 1/8
Rainbow in the dark: 2/8
Rainbow in the dark: 3/8
Rainbow in the dark: 4/8
Rainbow in the dark: 5/8
Rainbow in the dark: 6/8
Rainbow in the dark: 7/8
Rainbow in the dark: 8/8

Rose Catherine Hohl ‘Rainbow in the dark’

Two strangers meet for the first time at dusk in an industrial park in Metro Detroit. “Sounds like the climax of a horror flick”. Rose Catherine Hohl & Nastashia Young brings us a stunning debut collaboration.

“Getting right down to business I pulled out my camera & started to shoot. Nothing but a camera a flash & a model. Keeping it simple & fun, Nastashia styled herself with vintage chaps being a key ingredient. It’s pretty damn cool what two strangers can create upon meeting each other. No one else, no concept, no planning. Off the cusp. Feels good to shoot without any pressure of how the photos are “supposed” to turn out. I couldn’t get that damn Dio song out of my head all night, & so it is, like a “Rainbow in the Dark.”



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