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Simone Steenberg ‘Since 1990’

From the depths of nostalgia, Fashion Photographer Simone Steenberg & Stylist Faye Héran recount their own memories of the nineties with the help of a new crop of London designers & the delectable, Ranny Cooper – a street cast beauty & self proclaimed “mermaid/illustrator” who applied her own make-up & proudly revealed her new nipple piercings for the first time on set.

“Shot against the backdrop of a mate’s flat in Hackney Wick ‘Since 1990’ captures the disheveled, impulsive feel of the creative warehouse communities in London – industrial stairwells, kitsch decor, & raw living spaces. Communities where both Faye & I have lived, worked & laughed as we have developed our creative careers.

Lashings of throwback humour with bunny ears, smiley faces, chokers, sequins and platform boots help remind us what was good, great & frankly silly about the 90’s.

We love a bit of nostalgia but really we hope our story expresses the vibrancy of London fashion & what it is like to be a girl today.”

Fashion includes Hackney Wick based designer Fuud London, cult underground label Obscure Rebellion, London Fashion Week designers Felder Felder & Edeline Lee, new breed Yllin & Jessica Shaw, ‘90s vintage courtesy of Rokit London & accessories from Tatty Devine, ChloBo & Miista.




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