Ratoel: 1/8 Ratoel: 1/8
Ratoel: 2/8 Ratoel: 2/8
Ratoel: 3/8 Ratoel: 3/8
Ratoel: 4/8 Ratoel: 4/8
Ratoel: 5/8 Ratoel: 5/8
Ratoel: 6/8 Ratoel: 6/8
Ratoel: 7/8 Ratoel: 7/8
Ratoel: 8/8 Ratoel: 8/8

Gabriel Vorbon ‘Ratoel’

Fashion photographer, model & interior architecture student, Gabriel Vorbon met her latest muse when they were competing for the same job in a casting. “There were many models there & I was one of them. Melody’s distinguished beauty impressed me & I found myself next to her saying “If I was the casting director, I’d definitely choose you. We’ve been friends ever since & it was awesome to finally shoot her when I schedules lined up a few years later”.



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