Coleman Andersen


by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Coleman Andersen / Model: Sierra Reese / Stylist: Sierra Reese
Raunch: 1/7
Raunch: 2/7
Raunch: 3/7
Raunch: 4/7
Raunch: 5/7
Raunch: 6/7
Raunch: 7/7

Coleman Andersen ‘Raunch’

Coleman Andersen presents his debut feature set in Salt Lake City, starring & styled by, Sierra Reese.

“This was my first time meeting & working with Sierra. I was drawn to her incredibly unique style & personality. Over the years I tend to be interested more & more by interesting humans & the story they have to tell. She has such a cool, punk rock persona, & it was just what I was looking for with this particular concept. We shot at the local record shop, ‘Raunch’. As soon as I looked through the viewfinder of my film camera, I was transported to another world & this is the result.”



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