Joelle Rosen

‘Rebel rebel’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

17 photographs.
Photographer: Joelle Rosen / Model: Daniella Chappella / Stylist: Joelle Rosen
Rebel rebel: 1/17
Rebel rebel: 2/17
Rebel rebel: 3/17
Rebel rebel: 4/17
Rebel rebel: 5/17
Rebel rebel: 6/17
Rebel rebel: 7/17
Rebel rebel: 8/17
Rebel rebel: 9/17
Rebel rebel: 10/17
Rebel rebel: 11/17
Rebel rebel: 12/17
Rebel rebel: 13/17
Rebel rebel: 14/17
Rebel rebel: 15/17
Rebel rebel: 16/17
Rebel rebel: 17/17

Joelle Rosen ‘Rebel rebel’

You know you have found awesome work when you wish it was you who took the photos! ‘Rebel rebel’ made its way to us from Atlanta via conceptual portrait/fashion photographer, Joelle Rosen.

“My day with Daniella started out strong from the moment we met. On a Sunday morning, with a bottle of champagne in tow, we went down to a nearby unused tennis court, decorated Daniella’s face in craft store magic & shot all day. Basically we became best friends in the first hour.”



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