Oksana Babenko


by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Oksana Babenko / Model: Ekaterina Kishchuk / Stylist: Polina Migdaseva / Stylist: Nikita Chekrygin
Rebel: 1/10
Rebel: 2/10
Rebel: 3/10
Rebel: 4/10
Rebel: 5/10
Rebel: 6/10
Rebel: 7/10
Rebel: 8/10
Rebel: 9/10
Rebel: 10/10

Oksana Babenko ‘Rebel’

‘Rebel’ found it’s way to us from Moscow, Russia via fashion photographer, Oksana Babenko & is all about proving that girls are sexy AF, even in casual, loose sports attire. Point made!!!




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