Yan Bleney

‘Red gold’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Yan Bleney / Model: Adele / Model Management: Dulcedo
Red gold: 1/12
Red gold: 2/12
Red gold: 3/12
Red gold: 4/12
Red gold: 5/12
Red gold: 6/12
Red gold: 7/12
Red gold: 8/12
Red gold: 9/12
Red gold: 10/12
Red gold: 11/12
Red gold: 12/12

Yan Bleney ‘Red gold’

Montreal photographer Yan Bleney recently used a cancellation to shoot her friend/model, Adele. They spontaneously threw together some outfits & tested some lights & surprised themselves with the results. Everything that comes out of Montreal & finds its way to us is gold!



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