Zayira Ray


by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Zayira Ray / Model: Liana Wright-Mark
Red: 1/6
Red: 2/6
Red: 3/6
Red: 4/6
Red: 5/6
Red: 6/6

Zayira Ray ‘Red’

Just me or are super talented creatives getting younger & younger? Today we introduce another new contributor, sixteen-year old NYC photographer, Zayira Ray.

“This photoshoot was actually very impulsive & was built around the essence of red. I put together clothes, accessories, & props that resonated the colour. To me; red is bold, elegant & has a personality of its own. I aimed to display both the colour’s character, & its ability to create a sense of audacity & individuality in a person.”



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