Helena Bromboszcz

‘Reinventing the past’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

19 photographs.
Photographer: Helena Bromboszcz / Model: Weronika Gos / Make-up Artist: Rockagirl / Assistant: Joanna Oleksy
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Helena Bromboszcz ‘Reinventing the past’

Helena Bromboszcz reinvents the past with her new stunning retro-inspired & sustainable fashion story.

“Vintage style is one of the biggest trends of the last decade. It came largely from so-called “hipsters”, who spent endless hours digging through rows of hangers in search of one-of-a-kind items. As always, mainstream eventually caught up & large fast-fashion chains started offering brand new, “vintage” style clothes, contradicting the original approach of upcycling & sustainability. To satisfy demand for authentic vintage items, especially those in certain styles, a new kind of second-hand shops emerged: smaller, more posh, offering carefully selected, often severely overpriced items sweeped from more conventional thrift shops, whose customers started to often leave them empty-handed. Another kind of affordable goods of high quality started to disappear due to a process usually referred to as gentrification.

This is the situation we found ourselves in when deciding to make a vintage photoshoot without any new items. Instead of attempting to recreate any of latest fashion trends or going for cheesy all-at-once look a’la viral Macklemore video (who probably spoiled the vintage clothes market more than anything else), we decided to treat the “vintage” concept more literally & recreate a complete 60s photoshoot with items we had in our wardrobes. None of them comes from the era. One is apparently a hippie costume for a dress-up party, thrifted a few years ago – in other words a vintage imitation of something which was “vintage” a long time a ago already. We did not strive for “authenticity” in a sense of the origin of featured items. Instead, we focused on details, combinations & overall feel. We wanted to show that coherent self-expression is still possible, even without a huge budget spent on overpriced vintage or unsustainable new items. Fashion went through so many cycles that any style can be patchworked with whatever means available.”

Words by Robert Sonek



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