Renegade: 1/11 Renegade: 1/11
Renegade: 2/11 Renegade: 2/11
Renegade: 3/11 Renegade: 3/11
Renegade: 4/11 Renegade: 4/11
Renegade: 5/11 Renegade: 5/11
Renegade: 6/11 Renegade: 6/11
Renegade: 7/11 Renegade: 7/11
Renegade: 8/11 Renegade: 8/11
Renegade: 9/11 Renegade: 9/11
Renegade: 10/11 Renegade: 10/11
Renegade: 11/11 Renegade: 11/11

Shaira Luna ‘Renegade’

Firstly sorry for the lack of guy shoots, they really are hard to come by!!! Thankfully Shaira Luna has helped us break our dry spell with this awesome new shoot starring one hell of a guy, Bruco Pecci. Thank you Shaira, more plz!




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