Every Last Second

‘Resident JD’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Every Last Second / Model: Josh-Deane Gower
Resident JD: 1/6
Resident JD: 2/6
Resident JD: 3/6
Resident JD: 4/6
Resident JD: 5/6
Resident JD: 6/6

Every Last Second ‘Resident JD’

After taking an unexpected trip to Melbourne, Australian creative @everylastsecond met with local model Josh-Deane Gower to make the most of his stay. They headed to Footscray, west of the city, the neighbourhood where JD resides, & shot the whole series in just half an hour.

We’ve been waiting for some awesome male shoots to come through. Guys we love you too!!! Start sending us your (not dick) pics!



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