Mo Summers


by: Ainsley Hutchence

17 photographs.
Photographer: Mo Summers / Model: Laina Foxx
Restless: 1/17
Restless: 2/17
Restless: 3/17
Restless: 4/17
Restless: 5/17
Restless: 6/17
Restless: 7/17
Restless: 8/17
Restless: 9/17
Restless: 10/17
Restless: 11/17
Restless: 12/17
Restless: 13/17
Restless: 14/17
Restless: 15/17
Restless: 16/17
Restless: 17/17

Mo Summers ‘Restless’

Mo Summers was handed a camera one night while working on the set of a film clip. Since then he hasn’t stopped. He’s mostly inspired by his neighborhood & who wouldn’t be when you live in Venice beach. Here is what he told us about this gorgeous set he did with Laina.

“I had shot with Laina before & we had a good vibe. The last shoot was pretty wild & free & set outdoors. With this shoot I wanted to capture the feeling of a beautiful woman at home, free & yet haunted by something she cant define.”




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