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Mariana Munoz ‘Reverie’

‘Reverie’ was born after a group of Marketing students asked stylist, Mariana Munoz to create & style a shoot for a campaign strategy they were presenting for Vivienne Westwood. Mariana wasn’t satisfied with just a uni project & decided to contact her friend from Duck Productions to be part of this video. She also managed to get rockstar/celebrity photographer David Richardson to join them too.

“The whole day was one big adventure, Shelley Jones & I (Mariana) coordinating the video while David was taking care of some bad ass pictures. Throughout the shoot, designers were coming by & dropping their freshly baked CSM graduate collections.

With this short film we pursued to visualise a fantasy dream as the tittle reveals (REVERIE; a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream), where everyone is invited to interpret with their own imagination. It shall be a short but intense eye pleasure using Fashion of forward thinking CSM graduates as a way of expression and enhancement of feelings.”

Brands featured; Lukasz Studencki, Imogen Wright, Kate Zelentsova, Palina Adriana, Caragh Quinn, Linjing Peng.



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