Reworked: 1/10 Reworked: 1/10
Reworked: 2/10 Reworked: 2/10
Reworked: 3/10 Reworked: 3/10
Reworked: 4/10 Reworked: 4/10
Reworked: 5/10 Reworked: 5/10
Reworked: 6/10 Reworked: 6/10
Reworked: 7/10 Reworked: 7/10
Reworked: 8/10 Reworked: 8/10
Reworked: 9/10 Reworked: 9/10
Reworked: 10/10 Reworked: 10/10

Lekk Porter ‘Reworked’

‘Reworked’ is our stunning debut series by Lekk Porter & an all-Australian team, featuring pieces made with recycled denim by rad new Melbourne designer, Harrietdoran.

“The day we were shooting was a bit of a disaster really, everything that could go wrong went wrong. We got kicked out of our planned location almost immediately, the batteries in my film camera died, we got a flat tire & our last minute location turned out to be sectioned off for construction! We all had to crawl under a gap in the fence to get to it!! Kinda cheesy but considering the odds were pretty against us that day I felt like we all came together really well as a team & we’re all stoked with the results.”



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