Tyrone Logue

‘Riches to rags’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Tyrone Logue / Model: Hana Schlesinger / Stylist: Kelly Tee / HMUA: Chloe Rose
Riches to rags: 1/6
Riches to rags: 2/6
Riches to rags: 3/6
Riches to rags: 4/6
Riches to rags: 5/6
Riches to rags: 6/6

Tyrone Logue ‘Riches to rags’

Hailing from London, now based in Melbourne, Tyrone Logue brings us new gritty & glamorous work about a girl who had everything & lost it all. Bad crowds & bad habits lead down a slippery slope.



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