Michael Kennedy

‘Ride or die’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Michael Kennedy / Model: Hailey Trew / Model: Kait Algoso / Stylist: Witches Brew Vintage
Ride or die: 1/10
Ride or die: 2/10
Ride or die: 3/10
Ride or die: 4/10
Ride or die: 5/10
Ride or die: 6/10
Ride or die: 7/10
Ride or die: 8/10
Ride or die: 9/10
Ride or die: 10/10

Michael Kennedy ‘Ride or die’

Photographer Michael Kennedy captures Hailey Trew & Kait Algoso candidly hanging about, lounging in the sun & smoking pot together. Hey Kait & Hailey, let’s hang out! 🙂

“Hailey, Michael & I are all hometown homies who have been in the art scene for years; but this was the first time the three of us got to combine our talents to bring some concepts to life. The day we shot these sets was one of the greatest & longest creative days each of us had had in a while: Due to COVID, opportunities to collaborate with other creatives haven’t been as abundant as we’ve all been accustomed to. So one random Tuesday over the summer, when the three of us happened to be back in our hometown, we decided to make some shit happen. There was no real purpose or paid partnership behind the shoot, just the need felt & shared by three artists to create in these strange times!”



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