Riding shotgun: 1/5 Riding shotgun: 1/5
Riding shotgun: 2/5 Riding shotgun: 2/5
Riding shotgun: 3/5 Riding shotgun: 3/5
Riding shotgun: 4/5 Riding shotgun: 4/5
Riding shotgun: 5/5 Riding shotgun: 5/5

Naomi Christie ‘Riding shotgun’

Los Angeles filmmaker/photographer, Naomi Christie is back with another gorgeous vintage inspired series.

“I live in California & my friends & I don’t make it out to the beach enough. We wanted to catch the surf at the start of spring, so we hopped into the vibrant green VW bus & chased the breeze down the honeysuckle hills lining the highway. My friend Tracy & I shot some photos because who can resist a photogenic vintage lime-colored bus. Tracy lounged in some rays while I struggled to ride a wave. We wrestled with the weather & the thirst for summer. But whether it is to catch some rays or catch a wave, I believe the success of a beach trip lies within the simple fact that you made it out there.”

Bus courtesy of Anthony Buhay.



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