Riot: 1/12 Riot: 1/12
Riot: 2/12 Riot: 2/12
Riot: 3/12 Riot: 3/12
Riot: 4/12 Riot: 4/12
Riot: 5/12 Riot: 5/12
Riot: 6/12 Riot: 6/12
Riot: 7/12 Riot: 7/12
Riot: 8/12 Riot: 8/12
Riot: 9/12 Riot: 9/12
Riot: 10/12 Riot: 10/12
Riot: 11/12 Riot: 11/12
Riot: 12/12 Riot: 12/12

Ana Barberá ‘Riot’

Spain photographer Ana Barberá brings us a debut series inspired by the Riot Grrrl & many other alternative movements like ‘Queercore’ that emerged throughout the 80s & 90s.

“We must learn from their courage, their strength & their talent to recover the foundations of what they laid. With Riot we wanted to recover that grunge aesthetic & capture it our way. We wanted to transmit strength & anger but also sensuality & youth. We believe that a good mix of all that is what generates the best results & what will define this generation.”



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