Hollie Dee Hart

‘Risky behaviour’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Hollie Dee Hart / Model: Mary Dickinson / Stylist: Hollie Dee Hart
Risky behaviour: 1/8
Risky behaviour: 2/8
Risky behaviour: 3/8
Risky behaviour: 4/8
Risky behaviour: 5/8
Risky behaviour: 6/8
Risky behaviour: 7/8
Risky behaviour: 8/8

Hollie Dee Hart ‘Risky behaviour’

Austin based Fashion & fine arts photographer, Hollie Hart uses her work to celebrate the complexities of the female persona. for her debut feature Hollie teamed with Mary”dreamboat” Dickinson & for me it was love at first sight!

“Mary is saved as ‘Dreamboat’ in my phone, because, well, look at her! We worked together once before & totally hit it off. She digs my darkness & I dig her sweetness, so we put both dark & sweet together to make a set loaded with uncanny surprises & contradictions.”



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