Edgar Valdes

‘Road less travelled’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Edgar Valdes / Model: Eden Rose
Road less travelled: 1/6
Road less travelled: 2/6
Road less travelled: 3/6
Road less travelled: 4/6
Road less travelled: 5/6
Road less travelled: 6/6

Edgar Valdes ‘Road less travelled’

Recently photographer, Edgar Valdes & the very beautiful Eden Rose took a road less travelled to shoot this gorgeous new Outback flavoured series.

“Edgar & I drove my beamer down to Dripping Springs, Texas from Austin, picking up old country radio stations along the way. We kept taking back roads till we found a place that was pretty secluded to start shooting. Still got caught with my top off by passers by who lived on the ranches, but they didn’t seem to mind.”



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