Nastasia Dusapin

‘Road trippin’’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Nastasia Dusapin / Art director: Nastasia Dusapin / Model: Alexis Carene / Stylist: Alexis Carene
Road trippin’: 1/13
Road trippin’: 2/13
Road trippin’: 3/13
Road trippin’: 4/13
Road trippin’: 5/13
Road trippin’: 6/13
Road trippin’: 7/13
Road trippin’: 8/13
Road trippin’: 9/13
Road trippin’: 10/13
Road trippin’: 11/13
Road trippin’: 12/13
Road trippin’: 13/13

Nastasia Dusapin ‘Road trippin’’

Recently I discovered the work of Paris/San Fran photographer Nastasia Dusapin & it was love at first sight! We have just added a collection of Nastasia’s stunning photos to our ‘Fucking Confused’ artist initiative program which will get you a dope poster for $60AUD! Be sure to check them out here & support Nastasia’s creative journey as she navigates through this weird & confusing time.

Today Nastasia brings us a stunning collaboration with model/stylist Alexis Carene.

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