Dawn Frogson

‘Rock & dole’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Dawn Frogson / Model: Brandon Alastair / Stylist: Dawn Frogson / Model Management: FANJAM Model Management
Rock & dole: 1/7
Rock & dole: 2/7
Rock & dole: 3/7
Rock & dole: 4/7
Rock & dole: 5/7
Rock & dole: 6/7
Rock & dole: 7/7

Dawn Frogson ‘Rock & dole’

Dawn Frogson brings us her debut series out of Cape Town. This is ‘Rock & dole’ starring Brandon Alastair.

“This series is based on the life of some of the young models on today’s circuit’s. They look so fucking glam with awesome clothes, stunning looks, red carpets, lifestyle, sex, booze the whole 9 yards, but most of them are still on the dole, living with mum & dad or sofa surfing unless they are very lucky. I’ve been waiting to shoot this set for ages but couldn’t find the right human. Then I met Brandon new to the circuit, raw & perfect! We spent the day vintage shopping, smoking & drinking lemon tea, whilst capturing it all on camera.”

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