Anna Marie Cooper

‘Rogue Minx’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Anna Marie Cooper / Stylist: Anna Marie Cooper / Model: Kristin Currier / HMUA: Zoe Del Rocca / Wardrobe: Rogue Minx / Wardrobe: Wolf Child
Rogue Minx: 1/5
Rogue Minx: 2/5
Rogue Minx: 3/5
Rogue Minx: 4/5
Rogue Minx: 5/5

Anna Marie Cooper ‘Rogue Minx’

Our homie’s over at Rogue Minx recently trespassed on the Eastside of Portland, flashed several elderly men & made friends with some stray cats, all in the name of art. I can’t think of one shoot I have ever done where one of those three things didn’t happen.

‘Rogue Minx’ stars the gorgeous, Kristin Currier & is our debut feature from Rogue Minx director, Anna Marie Cooper.



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