Marisa Taschke

‘Roll with me’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Marisa Taschke / Stylist: Marisa Taschke / Model: Karina / Model Management: Bali Starz / Model: Misha / Stylist: Louise Millroy
Roll with me: 1/10
Roll with me: 2/10
Roll with me: 3/10
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Roll with me: 10/10

Marisa Taschke ‘Roll with me’

I was a little jealous when my close friend & fellow Queensland creative, Marisa told me she was heading to Bali for a working holiday. Mostly jealous of all the awesome shoots she would be doing without me. At least by posting them up here I can now feel a little bit a part of it all. This is ” by Marisa Taschke, starring Karina & Misha.

“While in Bali I decided to team up with some of my amazing, creative friends & take advantage of our beautiful surroundings. We headed to the local Pasar Kodok vintage markets in the morning to stock up on some amazing styling pieces & headed to the Circle K for some naughty props & the rest is history.”



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