Shaira Luna

‘Romeo 2k18’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Shaira Luna / Model: Victor Steensig / Model Management: Talentman Models / Stylist: Quayn Pedroso
Romeo 2k18: 1/10
Romeo 2k18: 2/10
Romeo 2k18: 3/10
Romeo 2k18: 4/10
Romeo 2k18: 5/10
Romeo 2k18: 6/10
Romeo 2k18: 7/10
Romeo 2k18: 8/10
Romeo 2k18: 9/10
Romeo 2k18: 10/10

Shaira Luna ‘Romeo 2k18’

Shaira Luna captures Victor Steensig for her latest stunning series. This is ‘Romeo 2k18’ starr8ing Victor Steensig.

“Victor spends the day searching, waiting, but finds himself, instead. There’s nothing tragic about this modern-day Romeo, at all.”

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