Sarunas Daunoras

‘Rooftop diaries’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Sarunas Daunoras / Model: Laura Arctic
Rooftop diaries: 1/7
Rooftop diaries: 2/7
Rooftop diaries: 3/7
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Rooftop diaries: 7/7

Sarunas Daunoras ‘Rooftop diaries’

Following a long cold winter, Sarunas Daunoras took Laura Arctic up to his loft roof top for a test shoot. The result is breath taking.

“We had so much fun during this shoot. I’m at this weird stage where all I want to do is shoot a ton of tests & enjoy the complete freedom that it gives you. We didn’t spend much time planning, just agreed on the basics & left it at that. But as soon as we met we got in sync really quick & the time just flew by.”



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