Enzee Creative

‘Roses are red’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Production: Enzee Creative / Photographer: Natasha Wiseman / Photographer: Zac Booth / Model: Hinson / Model Management: Elite Models
Roses are red: 1/11
Roses are red: 2/11
Roses are red: 3/11
Roses are red: 4/11
Roses are red: 5/11
Roses are red: 6/11
Roses are red: 7/11
Roses are red: 8/11
Roses are red: 9/11
Roses are red: 10/11
Roses are red: 11/11

Enzee Creative ‘Roses are red’

What is happening in Toronto at the moment? We seem to be featuring more shoots out of there than anywhere else lately, including this one. ‘Roses are red’ is our latest beautiful series by photography & design duo, Enzee Creative.

Now imma take a nice long bath with ice in it, since every other attempt to cool down in this Queensland humidity & ridiculous heat has failed today. Apparently we can expect hale any moment now, perfect! But wait, fuck, I need to hide the car! Back soon.



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