Lauren Horwood

‘Rosie in room 2’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Lauren Horwood / Model: Rosie Rivette / Stylist: Rosie Rivette / Wardrobe: Rosie Rivette
Rosie in room 2: 1/12
Rosie in room 2: 2/12
Rosie in room 2: 3/12
Rosie in room 2: 4/12
Rosie in room 2: 5/12
Rosie in room 2: 6/12
Rosie in room 2: 7/12
Rosie in room 2: 8/12
Rosie in room 2: 9/12
Rosie in room 2: 10/12
Rosie in room 2: 11/12
Rosie in room 2: 12/12

Lauren Horwood ‘Rosie in room 2’

Recently photographer, Lauren Horwood met up with super hottie, Rosie Rivette at a 150 year old pub/hotel in Surry Hills called ‘The Shakespeare Hotel’. Here is what she told us about their encounter…

“I love shooting at this Hotel & Rosie came to me wanting to get her groove thang back after recovering from a busted leg x 2. Pretty big leg break with metal pins & all. Rosie has shifted from a diet of morphine to sooth her once broken leg, to drinking pink champagne in 9 inch heels, with a 10-shnitty on the side! The schnitty being our dinner afterwards to celebrate with some booze. We shot the kind of thing that I think you can only do once you get to know your subjects after a couple of shoots & years. Basically just a big hang sesh & necking champagne in possibly the coolest dive hotel in Sydney & they don’t give a shit either!!!



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