Ugur Araz

‘Ruby road’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Ugur Araz / Model: Jemma Hansen / Stylist: Yasemin Dizdar / Make-up Artist: Cenk Aydinlisoy / Hair: Goksel Colak / Accessories: Sarp Dokmeci
Ruby road: 1/11
Ruby road: 2/11
Ruby road: 3/11
Ruby road: 4/11
Ruby road: 5/11
Ruby road: 6/11
Ruby road: 7/11
Ruby road: 8/11
Ruby road: 9/11
Ruby road: 10/11
Ruby road: 11/11

Ugur Araz ‘Ruby road’

I’m always a sucker for a red heads, but everything about this shoot is red-iculous! & when you start using dumb puns & cringing at your own posts you know it’s the perfect time for some inspiration. Thank you for another great series Ugur Araz & another all time fave.



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