‘Russian haze’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Bec / Model: Berta Vagner / Model: Misha
Russian haze: 1/9
Russian haze: 2/9
Russian haze: 3/9
Russian haze: 4/9
Russian haze: 5/9
Russian haze: 6/9
Russian haze: 7/9
Russian haze: 8/9
Russian haze: 9/9

Bec ‘Russian haze’

Young photographer visits Moscow to capture badass Russian youth in a very contemporary dreamy view point.

“My friend Misha introduced me to Berta to create this photoshoot. The shoot was taken in the Moscow suburbs, portraying the lifestyle & Russian culture. Berta & Misha were both born & raised in Moscow, Berta studying at HSE in Moscow as a graphic designer, & Misha as a tattoo artist.”



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