Darya Kucher

‘Russian roulette’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Darya Kucher / Model: Asya Rostova / Stylist: Asya Rostova / Make-up Artist: Arina Panchenko
Russian roulette: 1/10
Russian roulette: 2/10
Russian roulette: 3/10
Russian roulette: 4/10
Russian roulette: 5/10
Russian roulette: 6/10
Russian roulette: 7/10
Russian roulette: 8/10
Russian roulette: 9/10
Russian roulette: 10/10

Darya Kucher ‘Russian roulette’

Set at a remote lake in a new district near Vienna surrounded by farmers’ fields, this is ” by Darya Kucher starring the incredible, Asya Rostova

This series was inspired by monochromatic looks, Chinese kitsch, Russian style & a mix of feminine & boyish vibes. The sunset light definitely added to the way the glitter & paint sparkled on Asya’s face & body.

Wardrobe; Other stories, Adidas x Stella McCartney, Tezenis, Humana Vintage, Zara, Fallen, Forever 21, Marella.



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