Amanda Adam


by: Ainsley Hutchence

19 photographs.
Photographer: Amanda Adam / Model: Dani Miller / Model: Zumi Rosow / Wardrobe: Rusty Cuts
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Amanda Adam ‘Rustycuts’

On a magical day under the sun, Amanda Adam captured Dani from LA band SURFBORT & Zumi from BLACK LIPS in stunning handmade pieces from badass label RUSTYCUTS.

“Roscow winked at me as soon as I arrived at the Rusty Cuts house who she shares with Cole & Zumi from the Black Lips. Amanda (photographer) arrived shortly after who is so inspiring! We all drooled over Rusty Cuts new suits that she hand makes. Amanda applied some clown paint on my eyes & then we hit the front yard to laugh & enjoy the day. Zumi rolled out of her handmade jewellery cave halfway through the shoot & threw on some rusty cuts & we lived out our fantasy of tying each other up & cuddling in the sun it was so much fun!

You know when the day just feels right & friendship is stronger than anything else!? It was great! Surfbort tours with Black Lips & Ice age in November & we are hoping to bring along custom Rusty Cuts pieces for the stage! Hopefully Amanda will be dancing with us along the way taking pics & raging! Sidenote – she developed these pictures in her house the day of the shoot, what a badass!! Other side note I wore some crape eyewear sunglasses with Dadybones puff ball glasses holder attached. Some other favorite friends making cool shit!!”



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