Sabrina Dennis


by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Sabrina Dennis / Model: Chandler Weslyn / Stylist: Chandler Weslyn / Location: Zac Warren
Red: 1/5
Red: 2/5
Red: 3/5
Red: 4/5
Red: 5/5

Sabrina Dennis ‘Red’

Sabrina Dennis is a photographer that captures the fleeting beauty in everything. Her work is vibrantly warm, pulling inspiration from fashion & the fine art world through the philosophy that any photographer can get a great shot with any camera. ‘Red’ is our debut feature from the LA creative & her gorgeous muse, Chandler Weslyn.

“Chandler & I had talked about shooting while messaging before, but had never met in person. About a week before we shot these photos, I went to a book store to buy tarot cards & she happened to be working there. It was a crazy coincidence & then once we shot together it went really well. Zac found the spot a street away from me in an apartment building. Chandler & I took these as quickly as we could so we wouldn’t be caught by anyone who lived there.”



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