Stefan Legacy

‘Sad girl’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

14 photographs.
Photographer: Stefan Legacy / Model: Rynn / Make-up Artist: Alvina Phan
Sad girl: 1/14
Sad girl: 2/14
Sad girl: 3/14
Sad girl: 4/14
Sad girl: 5/14
Sad girl: 6/14
Sad girl: 7/14
Sad girl: 8/14
Sad girl: 9/14
Sad girl: 10/14
Sad girl: 11/14
Sad girl: 12/14
Sad girl: 13/14
Sad girl: 14/14

Stefan Legacy ‘Sad girl’

Always a pleasure to introduce great new contributors up here. ‘Sad girl’ is our debut feature from Edmonton artist/photographer, Stefan Legacy.

“I’ve been shooting for 3 years now, I have grown fond of capturing candid styles of portraits & images that narrate a story. This shoot was shot at a friend’s house & it was my first time shooting Rynn. The house had a very vintage atmosphere & Rynn’s thrifted wardrobe fit perfectly for it. I tend to prefer natural light & it was just well lit for me to capture all the details I wanted.”



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