Sarah Diniz Outeiro

‘Naturally, Saddie’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Sarah Diniz Outeiro / Model: Thaís Saddie
Naturally, Saddie: 1/5
Naturally, Saddie: 2/5
Naturally, Saddie: 3/5
Naturally, Saddie: 4/5
Naturally, Saddie: 5/5

Sarah Diniz Outeiro ‘Naturally, Saddie’

Here is a beautiful installation by Sarah Diniz Outeiro, from her ongoing photo series, ‘Singularity’ – showing identity & personality of each of her subjects through colour. ‘Naturally, Saddie’ stars Thaís Saddie & the colour is white. She has left the rest up for interpretation & encourages her viewers to draw their own conclusions.



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