Amber Maree

‘Safe keep’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

17 photographs.
Photographer: Amber Maree / Model: Warwick Nowicki / Model: Teshan Joy / Model: Jackson Stewart / Model: Evia / Stylist: Stupid Vintage
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Amber Maree ‘Safe keep’

Amber Maree captures final memories of housemates as they near the imminent demolition of their house.

“We acknowledge that the land forever belongs to Wurundjeri people. We are a collective of artists living together for a few years in the old witches house in Thornbury, Victoria. Days from now our house will be demolished & the townhouses will eventually grow. This shoot is a safe keep for the future, a reminder that art can be produced anywhere anytime & it is up to all of us to create. We naturally styled ourselves, as we paraded through the property recapping our favourite memories & embarrassing moments.”



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