Lucia Pang

‘Sailing club’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Lucia Pang / Model: Estelita Huijer / Model Management: Jaz Daly / Amy Jane Facer
Sailing club: 1/10
Sailing club: 2/10
Sailing club: 3/10
Sailing club: 4/10
Sailing club: 5/10
Sailing club: 6/10
Sailing club: 7/10
Sailing club: 8/10
Sailing club: 9/10
Sailing club: 10/10

Lucia Pang ‘Sailing club’

Here is our second shoot out of NSW (Australia) for the day. ‘Sailing Club’ was shot by the very talented Lucia Pang & stars one incredible girl called Estelita Huijer who we got to meet recently at Pedestrian T.V’s 10th birthday party. We were there to take photos of the guests & Estelita quickly became our favorite subject. She is both amazing to look at & to be around. She’s full of energy & her happiness is contagious & fuck does she know how to pose!!!  Estelita is going places. Fast.



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