Matt Sav

‘When Sally came over’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Matt Sav / Model: Sally Paton
When Sally came over: 1/8
When Sally came over: 2/8
When Sally came over: 3/8
When Sally came over: 4/8
When Sally came over: 5/8
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When Sally came over: 7/8
When Sally came over: 8/8

Matt Sav ‘When Sally came over’

Australian photographer, Matt Sav started out shooting his friends whilst studying graphic design. One of those friends was a girl named Sally Paton & his shoot day with her would end with a phone call that changed everything…

“Sally came over to help me out with a uni project (which I never used). I decided to just shoot around my house because my housemates had all moved out & I had moved my bed into the living room to maximise that time alone. We shot all morning & then I got a call from Jody Regan (Tame Impala’s manager) during the shoot, telling me I was going on my first American tour with Tame Impala & MGMT.”

Oh, did I mention that some of those friends he used to shoot went on to become Tame Impala, POND, etc? Now he’s making images, moving & still, in collaboration with these same friends as well as a myriad of other musicians, artists, performers, businesses large & small.



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