Clement Decoster


by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Clement Decoster / Model: Salomé Poloudenny
Salomé: 1/10
Salomé: 2/10
Salomé: 3/10
Salomé: 4/10
Salomé: 5/10
Salomé: 6/10
Salomé: 7/10
Salomé: 8/10
Salomé: 9/10
Salomé: 10/10

Clement Decoster ‘Salomé’

French photographer, Clement Decoster finds inspiration through various universes such as fashion, skate, streetwear, rap, sport, cinema & music. Recently he met with his gorgeous muse, Salomé for their debut series.



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